We mourn the death of our founding member and president for many years, Prof. Dr. Erhard Olbrich, who passed away on 5th July 2016. May he rest in peace nearby his beloved animals in Colorado.



The “International Society for Animal Assisted Therapy” - ISAAT - is a worldwide non-profit organization dedicated to quality assurance in the practice of animal assisted interventions.  

ISAAT accredits curricula for continuing education for persons working in the field of animal-assisted therapy, animal-assisted education or animal-assisted activities as well as basic training for human-dog-AAI-teams.

Our accreditation process follows strict criteria regarding the qualification of those teaching in the curricula, minimum hours of courses, and exams. ISAAT has independent, international reviewers to assure an objective accreditation process. The members of the accreditation board are recognized experts in the various disciplines involved in animal assisted interventions and are located in several countries.  

Moreover, ISAAT promotes official recognition of animal assisted interventions as a valid therapeutic or pedagogic form of intervention which supports salutogenesis.   

ISAAT works toward official recognition of persons who have studied accredited curricula as specialists for animal assisted interventions in their respective fields of training such as psychotherapy, physiotherapy, nursing, speech therapy, occupational therapy, education, special education, medical interventions, rehabilitation etc.